We at Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging, Inc. are first and foremost a service provider, driven by making the client’s experience smooth, seamless, painless and turn key. We design, production manage, transport, staff and remove all of our projects without any below the line involvement of the client whatsoever.
We have extensive experience in most, if not all, of the major venues in New York City and manage all of the logistics and details of what we do without any hassle, difficulty or drama. If it’s about design, a close second is the experience we create for our clients. THAT’S about service.

As part of our turnkey service, we provide:
* An understanding of the event and its specific design and production needs
* Full understanding and execution of our clients needs and objectives
* Supporting Proprietary Lighting Design & Creative Consultation
* On Staff Production Management
* A Midtown Manhattan warehouse for quick, almost instantaneous solutions
* Proprietary, owned lighting and audio-visual equipment
* Site surveys and walk-throughs Full Technical surveys
* Professionally CAD drawn Light Plots
* Lighting / Technical Equipment Specification & Supply
* Power Distribution
* Fully DESIGNED Audio Visual and Staging services
* Proprietary staffing and crewing of all projects